S&Y Tours and Travel social missions are to make a sustainable change in Maldives travel industry through bringing more income to the locals through inclusive travel, preserving disappearing culture and customs taking care of our precious environment. 

Managing Director

  Ahmed Shain

    S&Y Tours and Travel is developed as a community oriented business whose core activity is to develop community welfare by promoting local tourism. We believe that economic benefits derived from public resources such as beaches and underwater beauty should be facilitated to circulate within that community to enhance the lives of the people in that small community.                                      

    We cater to potential tourists all over the world, while the local community is benefiting, the tourists can be assured of a memorable stay, with unlimited joy, fun, peaceful and tranquil environment.


    Its no surprise that world's A-listers choose Maldives as their holiday retreat to get away from their hectic and stressful city life. You can have the same satisfaction as any other celebrity for a much cheaper value. After all, the natural beauty of this paradise on earth welcomes everyone to enjoy in her gardens of tranquility and peace.


                                  Ahmed Shain

                      S&Y Tours and Travel

                           Managing Director



Resort staff

2009-2015 .

Japan Embassy in Maldives Local staff.


Representative of KAWARI MALDIVES Pvt.Ltd.

Japanese Staff

 Yasuna Shigetani

   Introduce unknown parts of Maldives

    We would like to show you many attractive parts cannot find in the magazine.

    And business chance information as well.


Suggestion of new style of stay

Maldives is not only expensive resorts but also local islands welcome foreign travellers. 

You can enjoy Real Maldives with budget price.


2012-2014 .


(Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer)

Japanese Teacher at Maldives National University


KOKONOWA Project Leader


Local island tourism is just started these few years. Foreigners were not allowed to enter local island without permission from Maldives government.

Therefore there are still not much information about local island stay.

Some of local islands are well organized to welcome foreign travelers.

Let me introduce what`s like local island stay...!!

Ahmed Shain

You can buy daily items at small shops.

Some of local islands have nice lagoon. 

 ​Standard class 

 ​Standard class 

 ​Luxury class 

​**Air conditioner, hot shower, Free Wi-fi each room. Basically no amenity in guest house of local island.

+-+-+-Local food-+-+-+

 This is local breakfast called "Mas-huni".

 You should try it! 

+-+-+-Optional tours-+-+-+

​Snorkeling trip

​Resort Day Trip



​Sand bank Trip

​Dolphin Cruise

Islam Study

Island Guided Tour

Organic Coconut lip cream making

Marine sports

Maldives food Cooking

Painting class with artist


Maldives afternoon tea

Guest house offers various exciting excursion. Most recommended one is "sun set fishing.". You can catch very rare fish and try it u cannot see in your country!

Local culture experience tour is also very attractive.

You can feel real Maldives through it.

Day trip to resort, Male` city tour, Island hopping...

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! 

​Local ferry

​Speed boat

Domestic flight


Maldives is Islamic country, so alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Depends on the island, but if there is safari boat near the island, you can visit there and try alcohol. And of course you can enjoy drinking in resort. How about join resort day trip from local island?

And bikini wear not allowed in local beach. Some of local islands have tourist beach. You can enjoy swimming in bikini there.

Maldives currency is Rufiyaa. You can exchange money to Rufiyaa only in Maldives.

Please note that you cannot withdraw US$ cash from ATM in Maldives.

You can use US$ in local island and change will be paid by Rufiyaa.

Currency rate is not good anyway...

There are still many unknown attractive things in Maldives, especially in local island.

New style of staying in Maldives such like guest house is getting popular these years.

Maldives is consist of small islands. Therefore the way to move between islands is mainly boats. Boat schedule is changeable cause of weather or peak season among local.

The most important thing for travelling local island is the newest and reliable information.

I will strongly recommend you visit and stay in local island through trustworthy agent.  

Ahmed Shain



Local Discovery Package 3days

Included English speaking

local experienced guide

2020 Ramadan will be started from 24th Apr for one month. All restaurant or cafe will be closed day time.

Guest house will be operated as usual.

Please visit local island after understanding local people is fasting during the period.

+-+-+-Local island atmosphere-+-+-+


+-+-+-Transfer to local island-+-+-+

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