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Terms of services

 Please be sure to read before making a booking. ​

【1.Basic information】

VISA requirement to enter Maldives and the remaining duration of passport will depend on nationality. Please check the condition before the trip by yourself.

It will be required round trip air ticket at immigration, and sometimes the accommodation confirmation too. Please fill in your accommodation name resort or guest house in immigration card.

【2.Terms of package tour】 

1. The contract of a tour is concluded between the customer and S&Y Tours and Travel (hereafter refered to as S&Y). The contract is based on Rep. Maldives Law. Therefore please note that we do not have any responsibility such as travel itinerary booking guarantee liability insurance or special warranty.

2. S&Y don`t take a responsibility of any accident happened during the tour. The responsibilities belong to the transportation service or 

accommodation if some accident happed. Besides the general guarantee amount may be not sufficient even if the case that the company have insurance of liability when negligent accident is happened. Therefore we strongly recommend you that take out travel insurance by yourself.


【3.Package tour price】

The package price consists of special rate from each organization. Therefore there will be case that we will be not able to arrange the tour with the price depends on the occupancy. S&Y will ask and show the additional price to customer before starting the arrangement if needed additional fee. There is high possibility additional fee is needed especially from one month before of the starting day of the travel when it is crowded.​


【4. Booking and completion of contract】

S&Y will receive your request by phone, Email and another method. If there is no payment by the appointed day, the request or booking will be canceled. The contract will be completed after a deposit is paid and the booking is confirmed. Cancel charge also will be charged at the time.

Please note that cancel charge policy is different from each tour, so please make it sure before making a booking. S&Y will start the arrangement after receiving the deposit or the total amount after the time of cancel charge started. ​


【5.Payment method】

S&Y have these payment methods. (It is depends on the tour and decided by S&Y)

1. Payment in advance (when the booking is confirmed.)

2. A part of total amount should be paid in advance.

3. Total amount should be paid after arriving Maldives.

*The amount of payment will be shown on the quotation or invoice from S&Y.

*S&Y only accept cash (US$ or MVR). If you want to pay by credit card, please inform S&Y in advance.

*S&Y will apply the rate of Bank of Maldives.

【6.About currency of payment.】

S&Y accept US$. The currency will be calculated by S&Y Tours and Travel decided rate.

*S&Y will refund your deposit or all payment to your appointed bank account if the seat or room was full, the tour was canceled by some reason or cancellation by guest reason. Please note that customer need to pay transfer commission, receiving fee and other TAX of bank to refund money in case that customer cancelled the booking cause of own reason.

【7.About package included domestic flight or seaplane】

*Please send S&Y passport copy of all guests when you booked. S&Y cannot change the passenger name after air ticket was confirmed.

*Any drink or food is not included in the flight.

【8.About luggage】 ※There will be possibility the condition is changed without any notice.

*Hand-carry luggage

Maximum weight is 5kg (Total length is maximum 115cm*1lugghage or 105cm*2 luggage) are possible to bring in the flight per person.  


【9.Check-in luggage】

Maximum weight is 20kg (Total length is under 140cm) is possible to check-in. Please not that you need to pay extra charge in case the luggage is more than 20kg. You cannot check in the luggage more than 32kg.


​【10. About check-in and boarding of domestic flight or seaplane on the day of the tour】

*Please do check-in at the airport counter at least one hour before of the departure time. (The counter will be closed after one hour before of the departure time.) S&Y will recommend you arrive at the airport two hours before of the departure time.

*Boarding time will be started about 20 min before of the departure time.

【11.About activities or excursion of accommodation】

*Please check with the staff of your accommodation about the schedule (such as activity details or meal time) before each day.

*Snorkeling set will be free provided depends on the tour. When you got such information from us, please inform the staff of guest house it if there is no preparation of snorkeling set. You can keep it until your departure day.

*Wi-fi will be served by free of charge in guest house. Please ask password to the staff of guest house. Sometimes there may be such situation no wi-fi or very slow speed.

*S&Y strongly recommend you wear a life jacket when you go for snorkeling. There are many points the current very strong. You can get it at your guest house.

*Please bring towel or enough drink by yourself when you go for excursion.

*Activity or excursion will be changeable cause of the weather and sea condition. Sometimes it will be cancelled cause of it. In this case, it will be held after situation is recovered or next day. Please note that no refund even if it was not held during your stay cause of weather or any other inevitable reason.

*Marine activity involves some risks. Therefore please think well before you join. We will ask your sign the letter of exclusion when you arrived at Maldives. S&Y do not recommend you join any marine excursion in case that you are pregnant, have heart or respiratory diseases or you fell not well on the day.

* S&Y guide will not accompany your tour. When you have some trouble, please call to emergency contact S&Y will inform customer when we meet at international airport.

【12.About additional booking of activity or excursion】

*Customer can make a booking of activity such as snorkeling tour or others. (Please complete the payment at guest house before check out. Guest house accept cash mainly.) S&Y will recommend you make activity bookings before your departure because of limited number of boat for activities.

*S&Y will refund the payment of excursion or activity fee if it is not held cause of weather or other unexpected situation. However refund is not acceptable about already included activities in package.

【13.Amendment commission】

※The case when you need to pay amendment commission to us is as below.

*Changing the date of arrival or departure date. (Exclude the tour using domestic flight or seaplane. See section No.10)

*Increase of the number of people.

*Name change.  (Exclude the tour using domestic flight or seaplane. See section No.10.)

*Change the meeting point or accommodation.

*Plan change of tour


Amendment commission price

*After booking to 8 days before of the starting day of the tour: US$30.00/person + fare difference.

*7 days before to the date of the tour: US$50.00/person + fare difference.

*Please note that no refund even if the fare is cheaper than first booking.

【14.Cancellation Policy】

A cancellation fee will arise when customer cancel the booking as below.

*It is a cancellation not a change in the following contents

 1. Decreasing of the number of people.

 2. Change to other tour or package.

 3. Date change (Included the tour of using domestic flight, seaplane and charter-boat.)

 4. Name change or spelling miss revision. (In case of using domestic flight, seaplane or charter-boat)

 5. In case of decreasing of the tour price.

 6. Cancellation of added optional activities or excursions.


1) In case of tour using domestic flight, seaplane or charter-boat.

 After booking to 8days before of the starting day of tour: Transportation fare all amount and commission US$50.00 per person.

 After 7days of the starting date of tour to the date: 100% Tour total amount.

*Please make sure that the domestic flight, seaplane and charter-boat fare would be different on each tour.

*Refund or change is not possible after a booking of domestic flight and seaplane.


2) In case of tour not using domestic flight and seaplane.

*This is an example. Cancellation charge would be different on the tour. Please make it sure before you make a booking.

・20days to 8days before of the starting day of the tour: 20% of the tour price

・7days to 4days before of the starting day of the tour: 50% of the tour price

・3days before of the starting day of the tour to the date or now-show: 100% of the tour price

3) In case of Day Trip​

・5days to 4days before of the starting day of the tour: 20% of the tour price

・3days to 1days before of the starting day of the tour: 50% of the tour price

・The tour date and now-show: 100% of the tour price


*Cancellation charge=Tour price×percentage%

*S&Y accept any request from customer next business day in case that customer`s request was reached after 15:00 (Maldivian time) on weekdays or Friday, Saturday and public holiday.

*Please note that name or date change would be incurred cancellation charge depends on tour.

【15.About change or cancellation of flights or boats after a booking】

There is some case the flights or boats will be cancelled or changed because of local situation, weather or strike. S&Y will inform customer it as soon as got information but there is possibility it would happen at the last minutes. Please inform contact details S&Y can contact customer at any time.

Please not that S&Y do not take any responsibility of costs, expanses or losses cause of any transport facilities delay of cancellation. S&Y will support the customer to arrange an alternative ways. In that case, customer needs to pay for it.  

Besides cancellation charge will be incurred in case of cancelation cause of international flight delay or cancellation, customer`s illness or unavoidable situation. S&Y will try to negotiate with each facilities but final decision is belong to them.

S&Y strongly recommend you take out travel insurance to prepare for an unexpected happening ​


【16.Disclaimers of S&Y Tours and Travel】

1. S&Y Tours and Travel will take a responsibility in case there is difference between information details from customer any S&Y arrangement in name of customer or departure or arrival day by S&Y mistake. But S&Y do not take any responsibility any loss by the other reasons.

2. S&Y do not take any responsibility in case of mistake information by customer.

3. S&Y do not make reparation or make up for the loss if customer could not get service from accommodation, domestic transport facilities (domestic flights, seaplane or boats) and activities cause of delay or cancellation of international flight to Maldives. Besides S&Y do not take any responsibility any cost, expanse or loss cause of domestic flight delay of cancellation.

4. S&Y do not make up for any loss or foreign exchange gain or loss of the refund from S&Y to customer.


【17.The ways of adjustment】

S&Y will refund the amount deducted cancellation charge commission by the same way customer paid tour fare to S&Y. (Customer needs to pay bank transfer commission in case cancellation by guest reason.)


【18.S&Y Tours and Travel Customer Centre】

Business hour: 10:00-17:00 (Maldivian time)

Email: kawari.maldives@gmail.com

The package tour put on our homepage is as an example. S&Y can arrange made to order tour just for you. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

S&Y Tours and Travel
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Office Opening hour:
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