Maafushi Boat Booking

*Available before 06:00pm one day prior to the date.

*Only round trip arrangement.

*We can confirm after the payment.

*We accept only CASH (US$ or MVR).

*Payment will be at Velana International Airport or Hotel in Male`.

*The cancellation charge will happen after the confirmation.

*US$50 per person, round trip


*About 30min one way

Velana International Airport / Male` ⇒ Maafushi

1. 09:15am

2. 10:45am

3. 01:30pm

4. 03:40pm

5. 06:30pm

6. 10:00pm

Maafushi ⇒ Male` / Velana International Airport

1. 08:30am

2. 09:30am

3. 12:00pm

4. 02:30pm

5. 05:00pm

6. 08:00pm

S&Y Tours and Travel
Registration Number:TRA1181
Mutheege, K.Guraidhoo, South Male` Atoll,Rep.Maldives
Tel: +960-7781384 (English)   
       +960-7568826 (Japanese, Korean)
Office Opening hour:
10:00-17:00 (Maldivian time)
Friday is off.
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